Victims of Violence

ICCLR seeks to understand the needs of victims of violence and to reduce the frequency and impact of victimization. The Centre advances this goal by studying potential forms of violent crime, such as terrorism, forced marriages, and human trafficking. In all of its work, ICCLR aims to strengthen the rights of the victim. 




In April 2015, in partnership with UBC Alma Society’s Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) and Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC), ICCLR hosted an “Inter-University Conversation on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response”. With more than 100 staff and students from 22 post-secondary institutions attending, the day featured presentations of experiences and best practices on many aspects of the issue of campus sexual assaults. 


In November 2014, the Centre participated in the Regional Training Workshop, “Responding to Violence against Children in contact with the Justice System,” held in Bangkok, Thailand. Addressing 120 senior police, prosecutors and judges, an ICCLR Senior Associate delivered sessions on the prevention of violence against children and on child-sensitive responses to child victims and witnesses of crime. 


In July 2014, Two Senior Associates of the Centre led a global technical consultation on policing and justice sector standards and guidelines for responding to violence against women and girls. The consultation meeting took place in Marrakech, Morocco and was sponsored by UN Women and UNFPA.





Tackling Early and Forced Marriage and "Honour" Based Violence in Canada