Re-Inventing Criminal Justice: The National Criminal Justice Symposium

The National Symposium on Criminal Justice Reform, Reinventing Criminal Justice, began in 2009. The Symposium brings together senior representatives from all sectors of the criminal justice system: judges, defence and crown counsel, police and government officials to discuss systemic issues facing the system and to recommend changes in the delivery of justice. The delegates come together, by invitation, to meet in a closed-door, not-for-attribution setting, to talk candidly about issues and to present to Ministers of Justice and a wide spectrum of groups and individuals concerned with the justice system their recommendations that can more effectively improve access and respond to challenges facing the delivery of service in the criminal justice system and thereby develop a more responsive and accountable system. Depending on the topic, other informed participants from outside the traditional groups of representatives will also participate in the discussions. This Symposium is a very unique opportunity to create effective partnerships and areas of cooperation in order to improve service for all Canadians. Some of the topics discussed include Reforming the Bail System, Vulnerable People in the Criminal Justice System, Mental Health, Performance Measurements and Public Confidence. The process of collaboration has spawned a culture change in the way the justice system collectively works towards solving problems and issues in Canada.