Symposium – Empowering Campus Communities to Respond to Sexual Violence

The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy (ICCLR) and the Alma Mater Society’s Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) hosted a free symposium on June 2nd, 2017 in Vancouver.

This symposium built upon three earlier events co-hosted by the ICCLR, AMS SASC, and the Ending Violence Association of British Columbia (EVA BC): the Inter-University Conversation on Sexual Assault Prevention conference (April 2015), The Power of Our Collective Voices Pre-Conference Symposium (May 30, 2016) and The Power of Our Collective Voices conference (September 31-October 1, 2016).

The aim of this event was to empower survivors, students, faculty, administrators, policy-makers and community members to connect and learn key lessons for growth and development in the areas of sexual violence prevention and response on post-secondary institutions. Additional key points of discussion included adjudication and reporting practices, impactful education to create culture change and building resilience by supporting survivors of violence using a trauma-informed lens. We intended to provide a constructive forum for BC’s institutions to share their progress, strengths, challenges and evidence-based strategies regarding their development of stand-alone sexual violence and misconduct policies. All stakeholders, students, faculty, staff members and victim service providers across BC were invited to voice their concerns and collectively learn to better inform current responses and prevention of sexual assault.

This event was made possible by Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2017 Fund provided by the Department of Justice Canada. We are also grateful to the following for providing added funding support:

UBC Alma Mater Society Sexual Assault Initiatives Fund
Douglas College
Capilano University
North Island College
Okanagan College
Royal Roads University
Selkirk College
Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group