Conference – Follow the Money: Corruption, Money Laundering & Organized Crime


On October 28, 2016, the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy organized and hosted a one-day conference on issues related to corruption, money laundering and organized crime. The conference was held at the UBC Robson Square Theatre and offered cost-effective attendance via a live webinar feed for participants in remote areas.

The conference included presentations on reducing the risks of corruption, transnational money laundering, and organized crime in Canada with particular attention to large urban centers in British Columbia.

Attendees at the event included judges, lawyers and notaries, law enforcement officials, professionals including engineers, architects, urban planners, and accountants, elected and non-elected government and local government officials, private sector risk managers and consultants, developers, academics and students. The event was also supported by the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (ISRCL), Transparency International Canada and the Peter A. Allard School of Law.

The Conference began with a free public lecture on Pathways to Corruption by Professor Margaret Beare from Osgoode Hall Law School. Her book, Criminal Conspiracies: Organized Crime in Canada, 2nd ed. 2015 (Oxford University Press) was the first academic book to look at organized crime in Canada and to trace the development of the concept and the legislation, and remains the point of reference for scholarship in the field.

Other speakers at the event included:

  • RCMP Inspector Calvin Chrustie; Operations Officer, RCMP
  • Peter German; Deputy Commissioner (Ret.), RCMP
  • Donald J. Sorochan, QC; Counsel, Miller Thomson
  • Nathalie Baker; Associate Counsel, Stevens Virgin
  • Maegen Giltrow; Associate Counsel, Lidstone & Company
  • Kevin Gillese; Legal Counsel; BC Department of Justice
  • Robert Lafrenière; Commissioner, UPAC
  • Sam Cooper; Vancouver Sun
  • Bob Mackin; Business in Vancouver
  • Sandy Garossino; National Observer
  • Gerry Ferguson; Professor, University of Victoria Law School