Anti-Corruption Seminar with Guatemala’s Senior Prosecutors and Investigators

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, ICCLR was pleased to host an Anti-Corruption seminar for Senior Prosecutors and Investigators from Guatemala.  The seminar was part of a broader Canadian study tour by Senior Prosecutors and Investigators from Guatemala which was coordinated by the Justice Education Society (JES). The overall objective of the study tour was to provide the delegation with an opportunity to learn about Canadian best practices in combating corruption and to discuss future collaborative work opportunities to combat corruption in Guatemala.

The seminar hosted by the ICCLR provided an overview of Canadian law as it relates to bribery and corruption, discussed investigation and prosecution of corruption as well as whistleblower and witness protection, and a risk mitigation approach to corruption. In the afternoon, delegates discussed methods to reduce the risk of corruption in the judiciary and ethical and legal conduct of Canadian businesses working abroad.

The seminar provided ample time for discussion and the sharing of challenges currently facing Guatemala’s efforts to combat corruption.