Allan Castle

Senior Associate

Allan Castle grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia and studied politics and international relations at UBC, the London School of Economics, McGill and Harvard. Since 1996 he has worked internationally, nationally, and across the BC justice system in the areas of control of organized crime, intelligence-led policing, performance measurement, and justice reform.Allan joined the BC Ministry of Justice in 2011 to oversee business intelligence and performance metrics. In December 2012 he was appointed Executive Lead of the Justice and Public Safety Secretariat and was directly involved in justice and public safety sector strategy development, as the lead or co-author of one Green Paper and two White Papers on Justice Reform. His responsibilities included primary oversight of the BC Justice Summit process, involving seven leadership Summits since 2013 dealing with criminal law, family law, violence against women, and mental health in the justice system, as well as support for BC’s Justice and Public Safety Council – work he continues to provide going forward.